Celebrity Deaths


TB gave GG cover in 2014 and never recognized it as reactionary garbage after four years. He used his platform to lend legitimacy to the worst parts of the internet. Fuck cancer and fuck TB.

Edit: receipts https://twitter.com/CranBoonitz/status/897892350789287936


Oh yeah, I’ll never deny that he was deep into those toxic swamps, he was right up there. As to why a lot of people like him, even outside the gomer armpits of the internet is because he looked at a lot of new/upcoming games and gave them a platform/audience. The warframe devs even go as far as to say that they would have been dead in the water without him.

But yeah, he wasn’t a likeable person in life, to say the least.


Oh. So he does belong in that other thread. Why are people so upset then?


I didn’t like TotalBiscuit and think he both overly emphasized completely surface-level gaming stuff (i.e. graphics) over more meaningful stuff like themes or story, and provided cover for the actually nefarious, shitmonster gamer culture. However, I don’t think, as far as I can tell, that the guy was genuinely racists/sexist/homophobic. He probably bought into GG’s cover of “ethics in games journalism”.

People are upset because “even racists have families”. When Antonin Scalia died people also were upset. Just because you are a shitty person doesn’t mean that there aren’t some people who like you or the things you did in life and those will be upset when you pass away. As an observer, even if you are on other side of that fence, you can’t begrudge people their mourning because that in itself is also a shitty move.


How unfortunate. Almost nobody deserves to go out like that. May his friends and family have all the support and kindness he denied others in his life.


Not me. (gif of Ren and Stimpy when everyone dragged their butts on the grave).


I certainly was. If you ever decided (like an idiot like me) to fully read some modern supreme court decisions, despite the fact that he was on the wrong side of history and had some really dumb ideas. He was EASILY the best writer on the bench, and was a nice break from the other, much drier writing styles of the other justices.

Like during the gay marage decision, he wrote a minority opinion. Unlike the other justices who basically played dumb word games to say they weren’t subverting decades of jurisprudence. He just basically said: “you have to say you were wrong in the past or you’re just idiots”. While he wrote for the wrong side, I agree with his sentiments there, if you’re making gay marriage legal, you also have to admit it should have been legal in the past.

He was a straight talker and I certainly miss him. Gorsuch is a boring old fart.


I disagreed with Totalbiscuit’s views, but my condolences to his family and friends who will miss him. However that’s all I have to say about that. Anything else seems… impolite.


If someone is bad enough that it is OK to say bad things about them when they are alive, then it’s OK to say bad things about them when they are dead. In fact, it’s often more OK.

For example, let’s say current bad guy Harvey Weinstein dies. All I’m going to say is “Good riddance. Rot in hell you piece of shit.” How do you think his victims are going to feel if everyone is like “Oh, now we have to say nice things about him and respect him since it’s rude to say otherwise when he’s dead.”

If you wanted people to praise you and be sad that you are dead, be a better person when you’re alive.Dying doesn’t get you off the hook for your evil deeds.


Who is Total Biscuit? Christ I’m old this is the third or fourth time I’ve never heard of some big time internet celebrity with millions of followers and fans until they did something horrible or died.


I only really know him from his early online carrier when he got his start as a caster for professional SC2. After that he wen’t on to do more general stuff in video games I guess. And apparently did some stuff with Gomergoat.

He started with Starcraft. As one of like 6 early casters in the scene. Long before anyone could make a living in it.


Total Biscuit was the patron saint of unironic “PC Master Race” people. If you wanted to know if game runs perfect, silky smooth 60fps with no hitches ever on 4k resolution and if it has every possible fiddly bit on the graphics options, he was able to tell that. And that was probably 90% of the content in his reviews.


Don’t forget, he was also a gamergater, and played a huge part in spreading & encouraging that shitpile of harassment.


Antonin Scalia was an awful person that used his position of power to make or attempt to make millions of people’s lives worse. He’s the kind of person that makes me want he’ll to be real so he can burn in it.

The American people have determined that the good to be derived from capital punishment - in deterrence, and perhaps most of all in the meting out of condign justice for horrible crimes - outweighs the risk of error. -Antonin Scalia

Bloodlust is good when it’s popular bloodlust.


I’m starting to think DC v Heller was a worse decision than Dred Scott v Stanford on the grounds that it provided less antecedent for its ruling and damaged the safety of a far greater percentage of the population (Dred Scott only restricted the rights of slaves in the territories, which was a marginal number of people, even just as a population of slaves, and repealed the Missouri Compromise that had been repealed in 1850). That said I’ve only read the direct text of three SCOTUS rulings I can think of, the third being John Marshall’s Worcester v Georgia.


How so? I haven’t read the decision recently, but from what I remember Scalia laid out his reasoning for the holding in detail.


He laid it out in detail but it wasn’t based in fact. He went on and on about the original intent of the Constitution and James Madison’s design, but James Madison never (wanted it in the Constitution or) wrote that it was intended for personal defense. In the Federalist Papers he explicitly states that it is meant for State defenses, kind of what the National Guard does now. Furthermore, James Madison intended to disregard the 2nd Amendment, as he nationalized armed defense during the War of 1812. He made a lot of claims about what Madison wanted but didn’t back them up with a lot of evidence.

As an aside what struck me most about reading Dred Scott was the repeated use of the term “framer’s intentions” like in DC v Heller. The awkward difference is that while Scalia was basely off on what was going on in the minds of James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and others, Taney is on the money about how when Thomas Jefferson wrote “…all men are created equal…” he obviously didn’t mean it to include black people, or he wouldn’t have held so many of them in bondage.