Celebrity Deaths

Maybe, the man was inside us all along, dog.

What an iconic meme.

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PlayStation load times

While I was away:

It always surprises me when people think the Mets won the 1986 World Series as a result of Buckner’s error. They didn’t. They won Game 6 because of Buckner’s error. If the Red Sox had won Game 7, no one would remember Buckner’s error and the Red Sox would have been the 1986 World Series Champions.

Yes, and no. If he doesn’t make the error, there is no game 7.

Also, it’s a great example of how hyperlocal baseball is compared to other sports.

Think of another famous flubber, Scott Norwood. One missed kick. Career over. Never played anywhere ever again. Even people outside Buffalo and NY know wide right.

Buckner, despite that major goof, is still beloved in the other places he played like Chicago. He also played many years after the error. Part of this is because hew as actually a really good player, but also because more than any other pro US sport, people only pay attention to their own team in baseball.

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True, but many people believe that Buckner’s error actually caused the Mets to win the World Series, when it didn’t.

Yes, if Buckner didn’t make the mistake, Boston would have won the series right then, but everyone forgets that there was another game after his error. Everyone forgets about Game 7 and just associates his error with the Mets winning the World Series.

Lee Iacocca. Didn’t realize he was still alive.

Mad Magazine


It’s funny. I haven’t read Mad Magazine in years. I haven’t even really thought of it in years. Yet it still really stung reading that it’s pretty much finished.

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TFW you make your life as one of the best at the very deadly sport of boxing and die by car.


Car almost hit me on my run Saturday. Just blew through a red light in Queens. I jumped out of the way (no contact), and he separately skidded to a stop.

Before he could leave, I gave him a nice dent in his hood courtesy of my closed fist. He booked it when I got my phone out to start documenting what happened.

Didn’t actually get a photo of his license plate, or I would have made a report.