Celebrity Deaths


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TFW you make your life as one of the best at the very deadly sport of boxing and die by car.


Car almost hit me on my run Saturday. Just blew through a red light in Queens. I jumped out of the way (no contact), and he separately skidded to a stop.

Before he could leave, I gave him a nice dent in his hood courtesy of my closed fist. He booked it when I got my phone out to start documenting what happened.

Didn’t actually get a photo of his license plate, or I would have made a report.

Nobody but me is gonna care but iNcontroL

I thought it was a fucking joke.

This fucker beat my ass as his offrace at PAX. Was much bigger in person than you’d have expected and could bench 400+ lbs. I can’t believe he’s gone. He streamed like a few days ago. He was like Rym and Scott’s age. I have no idea what can kill a monster of a man like him in a few days.

Poison. Previously undetected late stage cancer. Meningitis. Untreated appendicitis. Heart attack. Stroke. Human bodies are too fragile.

Edit: seems likely to have been an infection of some kind. Also he was 33, 4 years younger than us.

The details aren’t like… public yet. I’ve seen speculation it was staph, also seen speculation that it was related to a clotting issue he’s had before, and speculation that it was related to whatever it was that kept him in the ER for dreamhack. We simply don’t know right now.

Also I saw that he was 33. Yeah, he’s younger than y’all and older than me.

He really was a beast, a friend of mine didn’t believe he could bench 400+, then I showed him the video

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Year older than me. Damn. Poor bastard.

I was just watching some of my favourite clips of his and just enjoying how charismatic and intelligent he was. Admittedly even going back and watching those clips now sorta make me remember how juvenile I was back then. Still…

When I played him at pax a friend of mine was before me in the makeshift queue, the whole thing being a fairly informal affair. Geoff was chatting with fans and just generally hanging out and laughing as my friend tryharded a 4 gate at him as iNcontroL was fucking around with like a weird mass immortal build that made no sense indicating that he was just fucking around.

When the timing push came he just leaned around the monitor with like a smirking “really?” look. This is why when I came up next he decided no mercy and let me pick what race he was gonna beat me with.

For the sake of closure, it was a pulmonary embolism. Blood clot in his lungs. Everyone here sits at a computer a lot. Read this.

Rutger Hauer.

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“… like tears in the rain.”

Fark said it best.

RIP, weird dude who was usually the best person in the movies he was in.


He was also absolutely excellent in weird cyberpunk detective game Observer.

Minnie Mouse

Apparently, reasonably popular popsci youtuber Grant Thompson, AKA The King of Random, died a few days ago in a paramotor crash.