So Yahoo/Tumblr just released this app called Cabana. It does something I have wanted, and stupidly did not build myself. It lets you have that experience of watching YouTube together with friends even when you are not in the same room.

There’s hockey tonight, but maybe we can watch some YouTube at some point in the future?

I’ve found the fatal flaw. It’s ios only until “Early May”

The only flaw here is you bought the wrong phone.

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If people wanted to do that, this has done that for ages.


Yeah, there are a lot of services that do this. Watch2gether and Letsgaze I’ve use in the past, however I like watching stuff like anime and movies with friends. Thus I ended up settling on Syncplay, which plugs into VLC and provides synced playing through there at the caveat that all of the parties need to have the same file.

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My sister and I used that to keep watching Gravity Falls together after I moved out. It works surprisingly well.

For Fast Karate anime club they were using It’s not perfect, but it seems alright.

When did that start and how do I join?

Also may have figured out a way we can use to watch hockey together. Will post if it works.

Yes, we can try it tonight, in what could be the almost final hockey game of the season.

Not happening right now, my vps isn’t strong enough to do the real-time encoding necessary.

OK I’ve got it working, the solution was to not do the encoding. We are good to go for the Rangers game on Thursday if anyone is interested. Might test it out tonight with a random game…

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