Book Club - Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier

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For some reason I never even considered that my second favorite Hitchcock movie: Rebecca was based on a book. Even though it says so right at the beginning of the film, I completely forgot. As soon as I realized this mistake, I swiftly corrected it my making it my book club selection.

Rebecca is a terrific example of gothic romance. It has mystery, suspense, crime, romance, a costume gala, and an awesome spooky mansion with a creepy west wing! What more could you ask for in a novel? Read the book, then also watch the film for some good times.

Catbug voice Rebecca!

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I thought Rebecca was on every pre-college reading list. I guess some people missed it or just ignored those lists.

It wasn’t on my list.

@rastergrafx I may have just been the oddball who would look up the “must read before college,” “100 books everyone should read,” or “Summer reading for those who can’t stand beach books” list addicts.

My pre college for school reading list did not include rebecca, my for RIT pre college reading list was the book Deep Economy by Bill McKibben. I liked pre college reading more.

After saying I’d read Rebecca my brother reminded me that this existed. Full appreciation this time round.