Booh yah! Show me your moves!


I really like the job so far but sadly its just a temporary contract, and the staffing agency probably won’t keep me on after because they don’t usually do legal support staff, they mostly get people who are actual attorneys or at least have a JD to do more high level stuff. However, it’s only day two and I am already being noticed by the client company and have become the person the other temp people go to with questions and we’re still being trained.


Fixed my toy gun today. Thought it was shagged and would have to go back to Tokyo Marui but it was a lot easier than I thought. The short and tall is that the dust cover had come loose from its fixing and wedged itself down the side of the lower receiver. After a bit of fiddling and swearing I managed to get it back into place. I’m still not happy with how its in place as it just sits in the slide rather than being held in place. I would solder it in place but the cover is made of cheap crappy metal and I don’t even think that would do the job. I have about 3-4 mm on the upper slide to play with so will have to have a think.

Tomorrow is changing over to deans connectors.

Doesn’t sound much but I have absolutely no experience with this sort of stuff so it is a bit of a boost to do these things.


I was the only contractor claims analyst who got all the practice claims right on the first go around.


Is it an AR type? With the hold-closed spring to conceal the hopup adjust since it’s an AEG? For that, literally throw some tactical electrical tape on that sucker to close it. I mean, do you even operate if your gun isn’t loaded with tape and straps and useless keymod accessories?


TM SCAR CQB but its the recoil shock so the dust cover moves with it. I could tape it shut but don’t like the look of it. Haha I am the odd one out in my team as I really don’t like keymod stuff. I do try to keep the Gucci stuff to a minimum.


Before I was too out of shape to play I was the guy with the crappy Chinese AK with the stock broken off and the battery duct taped to the receiver. Which is great because like a real AK, when all my friends fancy pants guns were malfunctioning my shitbox AK kept shooting fine.


Yeah AKs can just keep on going which is really great. I am looking at getting an AK platform at some point. But my list is so long I’m not sure when though.


Also your never too out of shape, change your roll really but can still keep on going :slight_smile: I thought I couldn’t do it with my knackered knees but then I say video of a guy in a wheel chair playing.


There’s a kid on my paintball team who basically can’t walk without some aid, so he kitted himself out with a quick-release holster for a folding walking stick. Homeboy will push hard into the front lines and buck at fools just the same.


All jokes aside. Every time I find myself struggling in the gym, playing with toy guns or doing anything physical I think of all those people with disabilities who go above and beyond what able bodied people can do. Gives me a kick in the back side and makes me appreciate what I have and what I can do.

Edit; Sorry if I used the wrong terms.