Booh yah! Show me your moves!


Coconuts clapping as they move along the hallway and sitting at a large round table.


Can we pronounce it Jee kah-nites?


Chic Knights?



That should be the name of the fashion police at a ren faire.


New job get! \o/


Thanks to some genealogy research, today I discovered that I’m the descendant of King Henry III of England, King Louis VIII of France, and MF-ing Fredrick Barbarossa, the Holy Roman Emperor.

I’d have never guessed I was related to one of the leaders in Civ, but here we are.


My great grandfather claimed my family was descendants of Melchior Hoffman, who along side John Menno was one of the most significant Anabaptist minds of the 17th century. There’s apparently enough evidence of this that Wikipedia states it as fact. This was very amusing when I converted to Anabaptism in high school.


I haven’t bothered with any of those dna analysis services we have these days for a myriad of reasons. But one of them is both my parents originally come from the same Italian island. Kinda odd in retrospect because by my dad I’m a third generation American but by my mother I’m first generation Canadian, and yet somehow I’m 100% Italian. I don’t wanna be bored by looking at a map of all the people on Sicily I’m related to.


Yeah the DNA test itself just ended up being a catalyst for me to start looking through our family history documents. The website didn’t tell me that I was there, it just helped to connect a few dots and get me to some sites where I could draw an unbroken line to the royalty.


I’ve auditioned for the local pantomime and got a part. They’re doing Treasure Island and I’m playing Squire Trelawney. In this version he’s a bit of an idiot and obsessed with eating humourously named baked deserts. I’ll be playing it up to the best of my abilities. :slight_smile:


I won a chili cookoff and feel pretty great about that. First actual serious food competition I’ve ever entered.


Up to 260 or so kanji memorised only another 2,000 more to go.


My band recorded an album over the weekend. Took the better part of 7 years to finally get those 11 tracks down, but I could not be more happy with it. Already got a mix preview from our sound engineer and it’s 10x better than anything from our first album. Looking forward to having it fully mixed and mastered and available to the public, hopefully by the end of the year.


A message from one of my students (edited for grammar):

“You are synonymous with kindness. I want to express my thanks and admiration for you.”

Working as a teacher can be thankless at times, but things like this make it worth it.


So in the course of my Italian studies I’ve been supplementing my like formal lessons with much more informal reading of Italian internet (which is kinda nice as it’s much smaller than regular internet, kinda feels a bit like early 2000s internet but way harder to understand)

Anyway this article caught my eye thanks to this reddit thread. Reading the article was a slog (long story short, young kids were gonna perform bella ciao at their school recital and a fascist father found out and flipped out. Whether or not they’ve actually done the recital isn’t mentioned, I think it’s before the recital date.) Anyway.

The Boo yah is that I was reading the reddit comments and I’m really starting to understand meaning rather than just stringing words together and, I know and I expected this but it’s still such a joy to see. Italian comment sections read just like regular comment sections. Full of memes and pun threads and jokes and actually reading them is… well its exactly the same as it is in English and it’s also fun!

These thread comments had classics like

I’m not a facist but “facist quote from article”
quote from article where guy thinks antifa anthem has something to do with muslims followed with them making fun of him with this


It’s quite nice.


By my sample size of two, being your experience with Italian internet and my experience with Japanese internet, the non-English internet spheres are pretty much all like how the whole internet was like in the early to mid 2000’s. I’ve been working on my Japanese again and poking at the Japanese spheres and noticed the same thing.


Last night I opened the balcony door, and an enormous fly came into the apartment. This happens often when I open that door, but not usually when it’s this cold out.

Anyway, I eventually brought the swat down on that fly with an extra skillful backhand swat. No video or witnesses, though. If flyswatting was a sport, it would have definitely made the highlights reel. I put its corpse into the bathroom trash can.

This morning I woke up and the fly was in the toilet water. The enormous fly that could is now enjoying the New York City sewer system.


Damn mutant rats, mutant turtles, mutant alligators and now mutant flies are in the NYC sewer.


Baxter Stockman?


Well now that it’s official, I guess I can post about it here. I have accepted a job offer and Katie and I are moving to New York! That is going to be a big change for us being born and raised in the PNW, but I am so excited to fully experience a new place and hopefully get to hang out with more people here on the forum, and more often with those we already do.

So now we get to figure out where to live. If anyone has suggestions on neighborhoods you like or avoid, feel free to let me know. I will be doing my own research, but it’s nice to get opinions from people in the same, geeky demographic.