Booh yah! Show me your moves!

My wife gave birth to our son George on Oct 22nd, 2020 at 11:12pm. (pic from birth night)

He just turned 2 weeks old yesterday and is coming along nicely.


Thanks! Going shopping for a new shirt (for me) and a new dress (for Juliane) was the only real wedding prep we did, except for paperwork.

The matching masks were a fun addition. It does make me think we were aiming for a theme wedding though, with the theme being: Mortal Combat!

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My two thoughts when I read Theme wedding with that photo before I got to the rest of the sentence where you fulfilled one of them:

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Thankfully we were allowed to take off our masks for the “you may now kiss” moment.


What is this second picture?

Man, you think you thought of a good one, and the original guy beat you to it by 90 years.

My booh-yah art for my latest project has been really, really good!


Luke, It’s a René Magritte painting that I instantly thought of seeing you both happy in the image but needing to wear masks.

He is most famous for his painting “The Treachery of Images” which Starfox is referencing in his link.

I have recovered the Geeknights IG account as referenced here:

I think I have transferred/rescued/rearranged all of my 2FA and have backup codes for everything that has them. I’m going to go down the list a couple more times to confirm, though. Don’t want to lose anything.

Were you able to unfuck the 2FA or did you go through some account recovery process?

I just tried again, and the recovery code worked this time.

I just did something similar. I have a new NFC Yubikey and all my 2FA is now on it (except for a few things that don’t support generic 2FA). Backup codes (or backup Yubikey in some cases) are all set up/renewed.

It took a whole afternoon.

That’s not a very fun story.

On a side note, I found the “Geeknights” Youtube channel, looks like only things from PAX 2010 are on there but you may or may not want to recover that account as well.

Honestly the only reason we haven’t tried hard to get that account back is that there is SO much momentum on my personal account as the ersatz GeekNights account that unless Youtube would let us merge them holistically, we’d lose a lot more than we’d gain.

I have access to that account. There’s just no point in using it since nobody subscribes to it.

Jerb get! :smiley:


I found some missing footage from PAX 2008, I have the pre pax keynote in full (poor audio but its there).

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I’m in love. :heart_eyes: So many months of window shopping and drooling and my brother gave me the final push to get this guitar. I haven’t been this excited in months.


Somewhere else on the internet prompted me today to look back on what I’ve done this year. 2020 was a shit year for all involved, but there are still things I’ve accomplished and am happy about:

  • I lost 8 kg of weight this year. I’m still far from where I want to be, but hovering around 107kg instead of 115 is definitely a step forward and I want to get below 100kg next year.
  • At work I was able to finally do a project I wanted to do for years, brought in a new technology to do so, and did so pushing through my vision.
  • In part because of this I finally received an internal post at my company, rather than remaining an external employee.
  • In January before the lockdown started, I got to see two of my favorite bands: Spanish Love Songs and The Menzingers.
  • I bought a new bicycle and am very happy with it.