Block All Ads

That is what I do on my phone. Firefox mobile has addon for ublock.

This video provides an interesting perspective on why Google, which acquired multiple advertising companies over the decades, paradoxically benefits from the use of blocking ads.

Lifehacker has changed for the better.

Some of the changes have been immediate. If you’re a regular reader, for example, you may have noticed that Lifehacker stopped publishing slideshows. Slideshows were a reality of our previous context, whether I liked it or not. (I did not.) Those in-line ads are gone, too.

After seeing our site free of its usual glut of ads, one editor said, “I want to cry.” It was a joke, but also it wasn’t.

Another editor said, “Whoa, the page just…loads. And then after each paragraph of text is another paragraph of text.”

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The slideshow “articles” are the worst.


TIL that G.K. Chesterton, author of book club selection “The Man who was Thursday” also hated ads.

It is really not so repulsive to see the poor asking for money as to see the rich asking for more money. And advertisement is the rich asking for more money. A man would be annoyed if he found himself in a mob of millionaires, all holding out their silk hats for a penny; or all shouting with one voice, “Give me money.” Yet advertisement does really assault the eye very much as such a shout would assault the ear. “Budge’s Boots are the Best” simply means “Give me money”; “Use Seraphic Soap” simply means “Give me money.” It is a complete mistake to suppose that common people make our towns commonplace, with unsightly things like advertisements. Most of those whose wares are thus placarded everywhere are very wealthy gentlemen with coronets and country seats, men who are probably very particular about the artistic adornment of their own homes. They disfigure their towns in order to decorate their houses.

The New Jerusalem (1920).


It’s interesting that even edge on iOS has ABP enabled which is odd for me. But with the increase of pre-roll ads in Youtube is now 30 seconds w/o Youtube premium I can’t even use Youtube without premium now.

And my step-father can live with Freevee, Sling-TV free and OTA television and the number of ads just blows my friggin mind.

You know how if you go to a zoo it’s the worst smell ever, but the zookeeper it’s no big deal? When something is constantly there, the brain gets used to it and mostly filters it out. If the zookeeper changed professions for a few years, and then suddenly went back to a zoo, it would probably take them some time to get used to the smell again.

People get used to it. It was only after getting away from TV and ads and laugh tracks that I noticed those things and started being bothered by them.

What the hell is water?
- fish


I recently stayed at a hotel attached to a zoo, and some of the rooms back onto animal enclosures. Our room’s balcony was in an ostrich enclosure.

Can confirm: zoos smell, ostriches smell, and a hotel balcony with ostriches isn’t the nicest place to hang out. No wonder the room was a good deal on


It’s kind of like living in a house with a stinky rug. When you move out and come back to the house you smell the rug.

YouTube is pulling the plug on Premium Lite.

It was basically a cheap version of YouTube Premium where you just get ad-free vanilla YouTube without all the extra bells and whistles (no YouTube Music, etc.). So now your only options are: get the more expensive YouTube Premium (which just received a price hike recently, BTW), or suffer through ads.

I choose option C, which I’ve been doing all along anyway: uBlock Origin.

The Premium Lite was only available in very few places. Mostly smaller less wealthy countries. It was just a trial run kind of deal. It was never an option at all for almost everyone.

Yeah, honestly, I never knew it even existed. It never showed for me. Irritatingly, as a side note, they also gate off premium subscriptions - I can’t join on to my partner’s Youtube premium, because my account is an Australian account. Even if I’m in the US or using a VPN, since it’s flagged as an Aus account, youtube says get fucked.

Well, this is a disconcerting development. I was a bit surprised ad blocking worked within YouTube videos and thought it would have been circumvented by YouTube many many years ago. Are they just trying to guilt people into disabling their ad blocker voluntarily or is this the beginning of the end?

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They’re desperate for money. Especially with the Google anti-trust thing going on.
YouTube is very expensive to operate. It used to be you could operate at a huge loss and keep propping yourself up as long as you had a huge userbase. Those days have mostly come to an end. At some point they run out of ideas and have to start doing things like this to increase revenues.