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> San Junipero

Ok they’re in a holodeck or something, how is this going to go wrong? Maybe they’re in the Matrix, or like a Soylent Green or Logan’s Run scenario. It’s not going to end well for these gir- oh, huh. It ended pretty nicely for those girls.

It was kind of nice to have one end on a not-dystopian note.


As far as endings go, this one is slightly more ambiguous than others. If the ending is happy or not depends on your outlook in general, and whether you prescribe to the SOMA-esque way of thinking about digital brains.




I seriously hope that San Junipero hasn’t used up our quota of Terrible Things Not Happening to LGBT People for the show as a whole.



Get hyped


Oh man, I still haven’t been able to start San Junipero after watching Shut Up And Dance. Far too many of these episodes just hit so close to reality that it gets really hard to watch for me.


San Junipero is happy!


If you’re not from the UK and can’t get access to 4OD (channel 4 on demand), I recommend setting sail and watching seasons 1, 2 and Christmas special before watching the Netflix seasons.

Not because there’s continuity. Simply to not miss out!


Seconded. I actually think most of the best episodes are in the first two seasons, particularly “Fifteen Million Merits”.



Season 4 today on Netflix!