Black Friday - Cyber Monday 2019

I haven’t bought something specifically during the week of sales that is pre-blackfriday thru post cybermonday in years (a TV like 6 years ago). Anyone got any good macro resources or feeds for keeping abreast of this stuff? I’m looking to finally pick up a switch at the best price/with a good bundle anywhere online.

I’ve found Wirecutter helpful for Amazon Prime Day events in the past, and they are already posting information about Black Friday. They usually post listings of discounts for products they recommend.

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I worked in retail for too long to take any interest in Black Friday. The products are poorer quality and the videos of people scrambling are degrading.

I don’t know any kids, so I want to skip gifting and celebrate with food and drink.

Best thing is you can just order online most of the deals… so like why get run over :-p

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I’ve always gone out around 11-noon on black Friday and had a completely pleasant shopping trip. Every store is deserted and in this day and age products don’t “sell out” (I don’t count doorbusters, those are just outdated junk the store is trying to liquidate)


Not looking for “any deal” I’m specifically looking for Switch Bundles and picking the best price or best bundle combo per my tastes. I’ll be up in Vermont with the Wife’s family so in store shopping is not really viable anyway. Just looking for any methods or sites people go to for news/updates on deals across multiple vendors.

I refuse to shop on Black Friday. I want people to be able to relax and stay home from work.

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This but only for physical goods. Software I’m already rubbing my palms for.

I’ll pick up some Amazon or Newegg deals but that’s it. I stay home and relax on Friday after.

The last time I bought something on Black Friday was a Rachio sprinkler system two years ago–my old sprinklers were too complicated to program and barely worked anymore. My fancy new sprinkler system is WiFi-enabled, so I can program it from my phone, which is pretty sweet. I got a $50 discount.

I rarely buy anything on Black Friday unless I really need something, which isn’t often.

Looks like I won’t be picking up a Switch in a BF bundle anyway now since apparently nintendo is using it as an excuse to liquidate all their GEN 1 switch consoles.

Didn’t we literally just talk about how that is what Black Friday is all about?

That being said, what is so much better about a Gen 2 Switch? It’s got better battery life, but it’s not a New 3DS or DSi situation where it plays games that the regular console can’t play. It’s not smaller or better, like a DS Lite or Game Boy Pocket. It just has better battery life, right? For someone like me who almost always plays with the Switch in the dock, I don’t think I would notice a difference between Gen 1 and 2. Getting Gen 1 for cheap is a great option. It’s just definitely not worth going to war or waiting in line at the crack of dawn on the day after Thanksgiving.

Was never gonna wait in line, was just looking to save 50 bucks on a good bundle online.

The better battery life is a huge selling point for me. I am buying the switch as a primary commuting distraction toy with the bonus of playing stuff in dock at home on the weekends. I will still use dock functionality and want the better performance for something like BOTW so Switch Lite is not something that I am interested in.

Even online shopping has moral problems due to how factory workers are treated.

Ya know, don’t know why this only just occurred to me but black friday may be good after all. It reprsents a time where employees have an even larger than usual amount of power in the relationship.

Like you need less people on board for a black friday strike to be effective, and you don’t need to strike for that long. This bears some further analysis from those who organize in industries affected by such things.

Unfortunately b2b software doesn’t really care about the day or I’d try it at work myself.

The issue there is how most of the companies where Black Friday is relevant do mass hiring for temp employees around then and usually give those employees just enough training to be useful. On the face, that seems like it could help as losing a few would have more impact but it actually gives management a built in workforce to use when deciding how to react.

I remember one places I worked at that explicitly told full-time employees that if the temp employees out-performed them, the temps would be given their position and the full-time let go. For stores or warehouse that do peak hiring could just fire any full-time employees who strike and use the temps who scabbed to replace them.

While that temp technique may not work everyone, especially for places that see a smaller bump for that day, some workplaces could increases their staff as much as double, or more, and have plenty of potential new employees to choose from.

That all being said, it would be possible to have an effective strike during that time but if the staff are in a position to do that action then they’ll likely not be even close to doing that during such a busy time. Long-term solution is more unions, specifically the guild style industry-wide ones like The Screen Actors Guild or the Guild For Professional Pharmacists.

I feel like any strike that’s effective during the less busy times would be even more effective during black friday. That’s all I’m saying, scab workers or not.

As to more unions agree 100% and I’d go a step further to say that all industries should unionized together into one big union. The Wobblies are already doing this.

Industrial sabotage. Get a bunch of people to go to your competitor and get hired as holiday temps. Then pay them to not show up and the competitor is screwed.

Oh, it would for sure be more effective, which is why management would agree to much more during a slow time due to the fear of a strike during the busy times.

Jesus fuck this is exactly the sort of thing the IWW would do. Their mascot is named sabotabby