Beer Beer!


I have not had a beer that uses hibiscus well. I find that most beers that use hibiscus tend to be very middling without much flavor at all or they get infected in some weird way. Having that aftertaste and bad finishing sounds like an indication something going wrong.

Goses are great places to experiment flavors but that might be a bit too much.


Sharing this here since some of you may be interested in the outcome (just watch the first half)


Transmitter has an excellent one.


So taking one of those lovely Price Points videos from things of the day, I did a very extensive write-up on said video. It’s real great but personally I don’t think there’s much separation of quality and price in the world of beer (or wine really)

Beers are great but let’s be real, they are going to be very different depending on what specific style it is and who makes them.


Thought to share my Instagram for all the beers I try. I’ll probably move it to Twitter or somewhere else once I kill my Facebook. It only has all the beers I’ve tried since starting the account.


I haven’t touched beer in ages, haven’t been financially and mentally ready for alcohol. However I’ve been starting to get past that and want to jump right back in. What’s good in the world of sours? Preferably the dry fruit based ones over the vinegar based ones. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ooh, so here is a good guide.

Right now Goses are probably the most popular sours since they allow breweries to make a sour beer without having to worry about infecting the rest of their system or having a whole other system to ferment. Since they are brewed with salt and coriander, I like to call them “The Gatorade of Beers.” Sometimes their sourness can really vary, but you can find them easily, they are relatively cheap, and they are often flavored by fruit. Anderson Valley and Wicked Weed make pretty consistently great goses.

Lambics would be more up your alley as well. I would say Lindemans are the most common and inexpensive lambics out there and they lean more on the sweeter side. Krieks are nice too but they tend to lean more towards sour being cherry-heavy.


Unsure where you live, which is a big factor on which to recommend but Nukerjsr’s recommendations are sound. If you get Ecliptic Brewing in your area, they’re a good choice for a variety of sours, depending on the season. Dogfish Head also has a couple sours which are great entry points for the style, though also seasonal.

Your area may not get any beers I could recommend, though, so it might be best to see if any breweries nearby do tastings or offer beer paddles. Lambics are good if you prefer the sweeter side of sours and I’d say try some wild ales if you like the less sweet side.