Spring training is coming! Also, the Mets are a professional organization.

The Mets are offering a very interesting ticket plan this year, and I wonder if any other teams are doing something similar. For $40 a month you get tickets to up to six games per month. Once per month you can get an upgrade and actually sit instead of stand. The only days you can’t get tickets for are opening day and vs Yankees. It comes out to like, $6.50 a game. You can go to see a LOT of baseball for a ridiculously low price with this plan. If you actually go to six game a month it comes out to about $6.50 a game.

For anyone who doesn’t work, or doesn’t work in the summer, this is really great. Imagine being a kid and having this ticket plan in the summer.

Is that just regular season?

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Brewers give you every game for $35 a month.

Wow, that’s really something.

I’m sure both of the Brewers fans are super happy about this. ;3

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I’ve decided I will follow baseball a bit this year and the MLB season is officially underway with the Mariners winning two games against Oakland in the Tokyo Dome. Those games are also notable because sure-fire Hall of Famer Ichiro Suzuki decided to hang it up, playing his last game in the MLB in front of his home country.

Ichiro is of course best known as a hitter whose best strength is getting on-base, holding the pro baseball record for hits between his time in NPB and MLB, as well as the single-season hits record in MLB. However, the following video also makes a good case that Ichiro could have also been a pretty good power hitter.

Is he retireing retiring, or just going back to the Japan leagues?

But yeah, Suzuki was a scary batter, and he always seemed to be on teams the Sox faced often, so we got to see him fairly often.

Are you planning on following a specific team, or just the sport as a concept?

I’ll follow the Phillies in the NL, and the Indians in the AL.

Fair enough. The indians have that kinda “America’s Team” thing going on, and the Philies are an inoffensive choice.

That’s the first time anybody has called a sports team in Philadelphia “inoffensive”.

The Indians is mostly because of the film Major League. And yes I understand that the name is an issue, but at least they’re retiring the old logo. The Phillies are mostly because a lot of my internet-sports-friends are from Philadelphia, and having them checked out they seem quite fun and seem like they are ready to make a splash. I’ll definitely follow the Phillies more closely than the Indians.

I mean, compared to the Eagles…

If you could throw the best pitch, why wouldn’t you just throw that every time?

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9 straight pitches at 97mph or more. Surprised the last batter didn’t just burst into flame. Wow.

Orioles are letting kids in for free, every game all year. Need to be with a paying adult. Makes sense, they don’t want 5,000 unsupervised little kids running around.

Well, the Phillies managed to score 8 runs before recording an out last night. Read that again. The entire line-up reached home plate in the first inning. Ridiculous.

Incompetence in action:

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That’s pretty impressive!