As of yesterday, the Mariners also have the same record over the same span.

Mets just Metsing it up.

After changing his look, Alonso struck out for the third time in the sixth and grounded out in the eighth.

The first baseman said it was not the first time he shaved in the middle of a game, noting: "Oh, yeah, baseball players are very superstitious.’’

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Yanks lose! Mets fans breathe a sigh of relief as we avoid a nightmare Nationals vs. Yanks World Series.

Go ‘stros!

Good news! It looks like the Mets will FINALLY get new ownership!

Bad news. The new owner is somehow even worse than the last one.

Also, the bad owners aren’t actually going out of the picture completely or quickly.

If you don’t know, Steven Cohen is up there with the top white collar criminals of all time.

This is the lower level of baseball. This is also not about baseball… At all

Wally Backman at the time was manager of the South Georgia Peanuts, just wants to know what he said that got him ejected from the game along with his player. The umpire, he says, is “an embarrassment to professional baseball.”

The screaming begins 1 minute in; the action begins 3 minutes 8 seconds in.


Covering home with dirt - a classic. Was waiting for him to take a base out of the ground.

Good news. They were going to sell the Mets.

Bad news, it’s to the most evil hedge fund guy.

Good and bad news, the deal is off.

Good news, they still intend to sell.

Crazy Scott - The City of New York should buy the Mets. That would even make Green Bay jealous!

Galaxy brain Scott: eminent domain the Mets.


So this should be interesting:


I can’t find the clip I want, so this Family Guy clip will have to stand in for it.

(This clip also applies to the Red Sox on most years)

I mean, this was true when they had their almost 100 year dry spell but since 2004 they’ve become Yankees 2 basically. A strong team.

I live in boston; it’s a chronic joke that the Sox will find a way to fuck it up most years.

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Today would have been opening day. The kind of thing you don’t miss until it’s gone.

TIL when Bud Selig moved the Pilots from Seattle to Milwaukee, it was a week before the season started:

The first three episodes (of six) of Jon Bois and Alex Rubenstein telling the history of the Seattle Mariners is out. I don’t know this story in full but I know how it ends, i.e. the Mariners are still a baseball team that exists. And still, the times were it is in doubt that the Mariners will survive still has me grasped.

These videos are half an hour long each, but they feel like nothing at all. The two really deserve a large chunk of credit on how they tell this.