Some spectators.

It changes what skills are tested. Now fielding is also tested because the balls won’t always be home runs.

Get a ball that goes slower on the pitch, and batters will have more ability to choose there to lay it. Fielding and base-taking strategy become important again. Pitching becomes less important, everything else becomes more important, and batting becomes a different kind of game.

Really though. There’s no way to save baseball. At optimal play, it’s literally just the pitchers and the batters, and nothing else matters.

I enjoy watching people who suck at baseball playing baseball waaaay more than I enjoy professionals.

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If I’m watching non pros I’d rather just be playing.

Three pitchers versus three batters, simultaneous pitching, shared field.

But at least fun things and actual fielding happen with non-pros.

Watching pros is so boring I can’t stand it. I’d rather watch soccer!

I feel like I’m taking the position, different than the one I actually hold, cause I don’t really watch baseball, due to it being boring. But I just had to sit through the allstar game as that’s what my dad wanted for his birthday was to watch a game of baseball with me.

There’s plenty of fielding. Even errors. I remember a grounder hit to second base where the fielder dove for it and got it but landed sitting down and with little time so he threw to first while sitting on his ass. Try throwing the length of a base path sometime without the use of your legs. It’s much harder than you think.

Conclusion: Pro Baseball is boring to watch, but it’s pretty far from just a hitters and batters game.

I think a lot of baseballs problem is also that the battle between the pitcher and the batter is incredibly interesting. It’s just both so fast and so subtle that it can only be appreciated by experts paying extremely close attention.

A basketball is a lot larger and a slam dunk is completely visible to anyone with eyes.

We use the phrase inside baseball for a reason!

Allstar games are completely different from real games in every sport.

Is it not pro?

Pros are only pro if they are trying to be pro. I submit: The Pro Bowl. Pro in name only.

All star games don’t count, so no one tries that hard. It’s just a show. It’s not a real game. No one would ever play that way in a game that counted.

The Mets aren’t gonna be winning any championships anytime soon, but the Cyclones just did!

As of yesterday, the Mariners also have the same record over the same span.

Mets just Metsing it up.

After changing his look, Alonso struck out for the third time in the sixth and grounded out in the eighth.

The first baseman said it was not the first time he shaved in the middle of a game, noting: "Oh, yeah, baseball players are very superstitious.’’

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Yanks lose! Mets fans breathe a sigh of relief as we avoid a nightmare Nationals vs. Yanks World Series.

Go ‘stros!

Good news! It looks like the Mets will FINALLY get new ownership!

Bad news. The new owner is somehow even worse than the last one.

Also, the bad owners aren’t actually going out of the picture completely or quickly.

If you don’t know, Steven Cohen is up there with the top white collar criminals of all time.