Awesome/Summer Games Done Quick


Ya know what’s interesting. This happens every year but this time it happened different. Every gdq I think about what games I love from my childhood I could potentially speedrun and check out Mercenaries 1 for the PS2.

Every other year all I’ve found was either nothing or like 3 forum posts and 0 videos. This year is different.

There’s an actual leaderboard. The times in it seem like they’re reasonable to beat, but only one category has even been run. I think I can snag a world record on sheer lack of competition and the hundreds of hours I have in the game.


Best run? Sonic 1.


I wouldn’t say best run, the but best runner and couch by a landslide.


Messages being messenged in about 15 minutes.


“There ain’t no quiet time in this run.”

God damn.



I’m gonna be checking Dr. Fatbody’s Twitch channel to see if it’s as entertaining as this run.


It’s not Awesome or Summer, but someone wrote a ~bot to speedrun Nethack.

By brute forcing the RNG seed of the server.