Autonomous Cars


I’m making a new topic instead of continuing the debate in the Silicon Valley topic to specifically talk about the development of autonomous cars.
This is spurred on by the appearance of a 1965 Ford Mustang modified by Siemens to have self driving technology at the Goodwood Festival Of Speed. Several times during the Goodwood Hill Climb, the driver had to correct the car’s heading. They admitted that the tight confines and heavy tree cover of the Hill Climb was a difficult test track. Unfortunately, their tech seems a long way off. I will add a link to the video of it once Goodwood posts it.


Roborace has already posted their preview video, also mentioning the issues with tight roads and tree cover:


The Siemens Mustang run is about 5 minutes into this video. It’s embarrassingly cringeworthy.


Here is a capture of the first run

and then there is a much smoother run posted by Goodwood which I assume happened later

We also have a non 360 video of the Roborace car, which was much smoother, though still twitchy

To copy over my comment from the thread on BB from before I saw it posted here:

Let’s be real, this is the level-2 driver assist system - basically adaptive cruise control and lanekeeping assist with lofty aspirations - that’s known for swerving into solid objects, running into immobile objects, driving under semis killing their drivers, and who industry insiders basically say will never safely rise beyond level two at best, and arguably isn’t safe now, is also unsafe because the system that’s already trivially confused by completely normal occurrences on the road is also easily fooled by putting fake markers on the road?

Well blow me down with a feather. I literally cannot express enough surprise for this completely unanticipated conclusion.

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