Apple Day

New iPhone announcements right on schedule around 1pm today.

Starting with the 3G I got a new iPhone every two years right on schedule. The phones they are about to announce are likely to have OLED screens like iPhone X, which I do want. However, it also seems like even the smallest phones they are about to announce will be bigger than my iPhone 7. iPhone 7 is the biggest phone I can tolerate.

So unless the announcement has something extremely desirable, I’ll be not updating for the first time in 10 years. Maybe they’ll update the tiny iPhones next year? Let’s wait and see.

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I thought the iPhone X would be too big, going from a normal sized iPhone 6. To be honest, it is slightly too big, but the jump up wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I just looooooove the swipe gestures and lack of home button, but I wish it was a cm shorter, and that FaceID would work better in bright sunlight while I’m wearing my sunglasses.

I’m more of a 3 years per upgrade person, so today, for me, is really all about the watches!

I got the watch with LTE. It’s great. Hopefully it will last many many years.

This is mainly for Juliane, who is still using my original Series Zero watch. It’s super slow and the battery doesn’t last through the day. But if the Series 4 is a big upgrade, with a bigger (better?) screen, I might get one for myself too.

Never buy Apple product version 1. Always wait for at least v2. The gap between the first iPhone and the iPhone 3G is still one of the largest gaps between two successive product generations that I have ever seen.

A blog post I wrote in 2015: Apple Watch – Not normally an early adopter

I think I’ve learned good lessons from my first ever try at being an early adopter.

I bought an iPod Nano, years after the first iPod came out, and after years of using non-Apple mp3 players. It was magic! I thought “I wish I’d bought this three years ago!”

I bought a MacBook to use as a travel computer.I never touched my home PC again, and the MacBook became my only computer. It was just better in every way than any other laptop or PC I’d owned before. I thought “I wish I’d bought this three years ago!”

I bought an iPhone 3GS. It was my first smart phone, though I’d owned an iPod Touch for a while. It was amazing! GPS, maps, a decent camera, apps! I thought “I wish I’d bought an iPhone when they first came out!”

I bought an iPad Mini Retina when they first came out. It changed my life in terms of reading and video watching. It’s like the perfect device for media consumption. I thought “I wish I’d bought this years ago!”

This year, when the Apple Watch came out, I waited a few months, then bought one. My plan was to avoid the “I wish I’d bought this three years ago” moment, and the regret that my life could have been slightly better for those three years if only I’d bought the first version.

The Apple Watch is really cool, and I enjoy wearing it, and a lot of the features are both a lot of fun and really useful.

But I’m missing the “Wow! Magical! Life changing!” moment I had when I started using the iPod, MacBook, iPhone and iPad Mini. And the reason is simple: I skipped the first versions of all those things.

When I thought “I wish I’d bought this three years ago”, the “this” I had just bought didn’t exist three years previously. The iPod Nano was amazing because it was so small and sleek. Three years previously iPods had spinning hard drives and were six times the size.

Three years before my MacBook was released, the Apple laptops were called iBooks, only ran OSX Tiger, and OS updates cost $129 each.

I loved my iPhone 3GS, in part, because of the 3G and the S… S standing for speed. You know, the 3G and the speed that the original iPhone didn’t have. And it didn’t have GPS or a camera, no apps, or even cut and paste. So it would have been impossible to have the 3GS years previously, as it simply didn’t exist.

Same with the iPad Mini Retina. In this case, I specifically waited until the Mini had a Retina screen, as I knew that would be my perfect size and resolution. And it was. What has remained my favourite device just wasn’t available before I bought it.

It’s not just Apple devices either. My Canon 60D is the best camera for my use cases ever. All the features I love simply didn’t exist together in a single camera before it was released. I got a GoPro Hero 3. Amazing little camera! I wished I could have bought it years before. But it didn’t exist years before.

Which brings me back to the Apple Watch again. I don’t regret buying it at all, but I do regret not having the immediate magical introduction. It’s merely a good gadget.

In two or three years time the new version will have better apps, more speed, better connectivity, native GPS, more sensors, custom watch faces, custom complications, better uses for the buttons, different navigation, etc. In two or three years, someone will buy the watch for the first time and have the magical introduction, and it will immediately impact their life. But not me. I’ll get some of the improvements along the way.

Come on new iPhone SE!


Unlikely. That’s a spring thing.

But I want it noooooooooow! :frowning:

ECG in a watch? This is a pretty crazy medical device.

Apple really seems to be trying to break into the health field. Major EMR systems are seeing them become a significant competitor.

Part of me wants to get a new Apple Watch since I decided to get the original way back when. But I don’t feel like I use it enough to justify buying a new one.

Was waiting for this iPhone X Plus aka Max.

Todd Howard to talk about new Elder Scrolls iPhone game.

I wasn’t interested before, but now I kind of want one.

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I would be enticed into an iPhone 10R except, no OLED screen and it’s too big. Otherwise, I would have been on it.

So I have a 6S, which I bought about three years ago, and is starting to show its age with battery and all kinds of other small problems.

Any suggestions on which of the new or newish (last years) phones I should get?

Tough call. Depends how much moneys you got and how much you care about size.

What’s that one that’s like really small and the only iPhone I’d even consider?
The SE, the iPhone SE seems to be the only apple device small enough to be potentially worth it to me.

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I would prefer not to spend more than $500-$600 on a phone. I have no idea how realistic that is.

Also, I’m not a fan of super huge phones, but I don’t want a tiny phone either. I actually think the 6s is a great size, and wouldn’t mind a phone a little bigger. I have no interest in the largest sized phones. I want something that can fit in my pants pockets.

Having used my Dad’s SE, I honestly think it’s kinda garbage. I would personally rather just go for an Android phone at that point.