Apple Day

I am not big into texting, but I am big into absorbing information. If I can get audio books and a great selection of music through the new iWatch 3 then it would be amazing.

but can it…?

No, but it can:


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I understand the not taking the phone out of the pocket, but I don’t see why it’s convenient (other than running) to not take your phone with you? I mean maybe if you have a phablet and you’re a woman with terrible pants pockets, but an iPhone SE like I have is so small and convenient I don’t get why you’d want to leave it behind.

Times I don’t want to take my phone with me:

When my phone is charging in one room, and I want to walk out of Bluetooth range. Bathroom at work. Yard work outside (if you have a house), etc.

Into any sort of situation where the phone could be in danger. Anything like water, falling and breaking, heat, etc. Going to take a citi bike downtown to run an errand. Try to find a way to carry the phone safely while biking without it falling out of your pocket and breaking, or just leave it at the office?

Any situation where you are in public, and will be forced to step away from the phone. Going to the beach, and don’t want to leave the phone on the sand where it could be stolen. Going to the public pool and don’t want to leave your phone in a locker that will be broken into. Just leave the phone at home since your watch has LTE.

Your phone is occupied as it is being used for some dedicated application. Maybe you are making a video or doing time lapse photography. Maybe you are using it to DJ a party (see link). You don’t want to be cut off from messages, notifications, just because you are using your phone for not-phone.

What if you do bring your phone with you, and it does break for some reason? Gonna have a hard time calling for help, unless your watch is a phone!

If you do want to get the Apple Watch with LTE, I hope you don’t use T-Mobile.

I wouldn’t use T-Mobile anyway.

TMo changed their minds after people got mad. Now they are the same as everyone else.

Anyone got the Apple Watch 3 with LTE? I am still debating whether to get this one or the Apple Watch 2 GPS.

I has it. The LTE doesn’t work yet because Verizon. I can’t compare it to the Apple Watch 2 GPS. I can only compare it to the original Pebble watch or Pebble Time.

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That’s not true at all. I said "why would I want that [shit low-res garbage camera that I can’t even get the photos from without an expensive cable or paying my phone carrier].

I desperately wanted that. I refused to use Phoenix because it fucking crashed all the time on my computer.

You are editing history. Too bad I didn’t have a phone with an audio or video recording back then, I could have preserved your exact words. But, who would want that?

This was pre-Phoenix. You were refusing to use the Mozilla browser and using IE instead.

When the iWatch can do everything my phone can do, but on my wrist, then I’ll give a fuck that it has LTE.

It was a simpler time. I mean I was like like 10 when you two were 18 but I distinctly remember having no concept of accessing the internet in any way other than IE. Was google around yet in 2000? Seems it was but I’m not sure if I used it yet. I was still going to miniclip and newgrounds to play games and look at animations.

I remember in 8th grade doing a presentation on Google for techology class (2000). We had to research a search engine, and explain how it searched.

In 2000 I was in college. I was using Google in '98/'99. I think that Yahoo at the time was “powered by Google” and I was like “I should just use Google then.”

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I had techy older brothers so I just kinda used whatever they were using.

Mozilla didn’t work with half my shit, and also crashed on me regularly. None of the RIT sites (like IT department class stuff) worked with it.

I had no problems.

WWDC 2018 already started, but no big announcements yet.