Antifascist Music



And german band Die Ärzte


I read Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation as being shockingly relevant for an almost 20 year old pop song


I think of this song whenever I see this thread reemerge.


There are insufficient labor songs here:


A more martial bent, all the people these songs reference actually fought the Nazis


If you can’t speak Italian:
Three ladies who sang Bella Ciao in protest against a “house pound” demonstration were cautioned by the police as “socially dangerous”

“house pound” (casapound in the italian) is a group in Italy that’s so faschy that “We like being called fascists” is a boast among their leadership

The linked article includes video of a small march of Italian women in the street singing Bella Ciao



I am thrilled I’m the one who gets to post this:


I fuck with this heavy.



It’s been (loosly) translated into english.