Antifascist Music

And german band Die Ärzte

I read Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation as being shockingly relevant for an almost 20 year old pop song

I think of this song whenever I see this thread reemerge.

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There are insufficient labor songs here:

A more martial bent, all the people these songs reference actually fought the Nazis

If you can’t speak Italian:
Three ladies who sang Bella Ciao in protest against a “house pound” demonstration were cautioned by the police as “socially dangerous”

“house pound” (casapound in the italian) is a group in Italy that’s so faschy that “We like being called fascists” is a boast among their leadership

The linked article includes video of a small march of Italian women in the street singing Bella Ciao

I am thrilled I’m the one who gets to post this:


I fuck with this heavy.

It’s been (loosly) translated into english.

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Can we start up this thread again?

Doll Skin - Puncha Nazi

IDLES - Danny Nedelko

While less specific, the video is more akin showing why right-wing ideology is bad, as the titular Danny Nedelko (of the band Heavy Lungs) poses with various immigrants to the United Kingdom, displaying the “OK” gesture to reclaim it from actual fascists who took it after 4chan offered it up for them as a way to recognize each other with plausible deniability built into it.

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The Clash - Clampdown

A classic that is both anti-fascist and anti-capitalist.

TIL that Lunatic Fringe, in addition to being a jam, is anti-Nazi.

But you won’t get too far
Cause you’ve got to blame someone
For your own confusion
We’re on guard this time (on guard this time)
Against your final solution

Also, Red Rider’s frontman was Tom Cochrane, of… Life is a Highway fame? What a tonal shift.

Necroing this thread in part to find more music and in part because this never got posted and it needs to be.


All of Idles belongs on this thread.


OMG does this really go here??

If you, like I, had no idea who Dave Rodgers is, he’s the Deja Vu (I’ve just been in this place before) guy. Also has made a phenomenal amount of Eurobeat, including Deja Vu (I’ve just been in this place before).