Antifascist Music

Bella Ciao is a solid entry as an anti-fascist anthem, but it bums me out. Dying fighting facism? Not my thing. I stumbled on this one and it was more my speed:

It’s harder to sing during a march though. What political music have you guys single upon?

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Phil Ochs.


and Bruce’s Guthrie


and Taj Mahal’s Leadbelly

and Erik Petersen’s Leadbelly

Everything by Rage Against the Machine.
The time at which this band’s work has no relevance in society means we’ve reached a Utopian society.
An example, but you can pick up almost any song and observe the relevance.

Did you spot the retarded New Yorker with a “Trump for President 2000” sign?
Possibly not very specifically anti-fascist music much of hip hop highlights the struggle or the injustice of society and the Government. The more politically charged songs have rung true for some time. Hip hop with a message was born with “The Message” by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five.
Public Enemy’s ever present “Fight the Power”
NWA who really scared people. Want to know where the “Parental Advisory Explicit Content” sticker came from? It’s this track:

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There’s a lot to be said about Kanye West, but when the dude gets political, he kills it.

Four years and seventeen days til you can blast this one loud.


It’s german but it definitely counts: German punks WIZO and their songs “Antifa” and “Ganz Klar Gegen Nazis”

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Anarchism count? I’m surprise no Pat has been posted yet.

Would have thought this would have cropped up sooner.

@Amp Vid isn’t available.

These are some good selections so far. I’m enjoying Wizo. RATM seems particularly relevant again, more so than in the 90’s and 2000’s

Double bugger think its because its a vevo video, I will fix when its not 2 in the morning and I can’t sleep sorry.

It’s not just here, the video was taken down altogether.

Works fine for me. I assume this is region-lock bullshit.

Let’s see if this one works:

Ah sorry about that one. I think it must be region lock, cheers for sorting that out for me.

It was about Abbot, but still works.

Haha @Churba wtf that isn’t Murder To Excellence, you linked to has been audio swapped as have all the highest viewed versions.
Anyhow still worth listening to it. The pairing with Jay Z allows for there to be some time for clever rhyming and lyrics.

Also listening to it now it has some excellent separation and sound stage. That album was pretty well polished.

[quote=“sK0pe, post:15, topic:205”]
Haha @Churba wtf that isn’t Murder To Excellence, you linked to has been audio swapped as have all the highest viewed versions.
[/quote]Goddamnit, it wasn’t when I posted it. Bastard thing. Oh well, listen to the song, but I’m ditching that video from the post.

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Which reminds me

Looking through the music tag I stumbled over this thread again. Two things to add:

  1. Not sure how I forgot putting Propagandhi into this thread before:

  1. Here’s a great analysis of Satire as used by one of the all time great anti-Fascist bands, The Dead Kennedys