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I had never actually watched any episodes of Initial D, despite listening to the soundtrack a bunch. I love it in all of its garbage. It’s basically just Golgo 13 but with cars. NOBODY COULD MAKE THAT DRIFT.


That is basically the premise of an entire hour long panel I used to do. And yes, Initial D is amazing.


Any chance there’s a video of that anywhere? Seems up my alley.

So I have now watched up to episode 20 due to insomnia, I would like to change my earlier statement, it is like Golgo 13 but I think a better comparison would be the first arc of Hokuto No Ken (up to Raoh) mostly just because every single other person thinks their “karate” is better than his and it never is.

Also every moment of this show that isn’t car racing is cringe worthy as fuck.


[quote=“SuperPichu, post:64, topic:90”]
Any chance there’s a video of that anywhere? Seems up my alley.
[/quote]In the three years I did that panel, I was NEVER able to get a recording of it. It was cursed in that regard.


[quote=“SuperPichu, post:64, topic:90”]
Also every moment of this show that isn’t car racing is cringe worthy as fuck.
[/quote]Don’t worry, the manga got around that by reducing the amount of non-racing scenes to almost zero round about the end of the Impact Blue arc. Of course, the downside is, they omitted basically every other bit of story and plot with them, and Initial D was already pretty thin on story as it was.

Honestly, the older I get, and the more manga I read, the more I think that Initial D was absolutely rubbish.


Twitter is sending me down a frightening rabbit hole.


Dragon Maid Status.


It was never about dragons. It was always about maids. Maids who aren’t maids and dragons who are mostly not dragons.


That needs to be a quote on the Blu-Ray box set.


I was in a mood for mindless fantasy-ish junk this week, so I watched the first season of Blue Exorcist. It turns out that it’s an aggressively formulaic supernatural-high-school show with literally nothing to recommend it.


Anyone else disappointed in the new season so far? I didn’t watch Attack on Titan S1 and I only thought Hero Academia was OK, and nothing else I’ve seen so far seems any good. Honestly I’m worried whatever ends up my favorite this season wouldn’t make my top 5 list last season.


I feel the same way. Never did finish Attack on Titan. The only series I might watch is season 2 of Eccentric Family.


Kuroko no Basket has some really good animation. The way the character’s move fits their style, and Aomine totally comes across as some kind of monster. It almost makes me care about basketball.


I’ve started and dropped a lot of shows this season, here are my thoughts so far:

Attack on Titan: I never watched season 1, but I started watching season 2 with some friends. It’s fine I guess. I don’t really care about any of the characters, but I guess that’s my own fault.

My Hero Academia: I thought season 1 was fine, but my thoughts on season 2 will depend entirely on how much frog girl we get.

Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor: First episode was really boring. Second episode started to get more interesting (I like details about systems of magic, as long as they’re coherent). Then there was an uncomfortable, unnecessary, and most of all looooong attempted rape of a high school girl. Not giving it a third episode.

Eromanga Sensei: I’m pretty sure it’s been confirmed that this becomes a rom-com between the protagonist and his sister. Also it’s not funny. Don’t bother.

Love Tyrant: Not as creepy as I expected, but also not funny.

Armed Girl’s Machiavellism: Protagonist would be kinda interesting if he stopped talking about “peace and freedom” all the time. His voice is annoying though. I think it’s kinda on purpose but I still don’t like it. Plus it’s kinda rapey. And there’s the weird stuff with the guys being forced to dress like girls. Seriously what the fuck is this.

WorldEnd: Finally something new and good. It’s setting up a lot of plotlines and worldbuilding that they definitely can’t get to if it’s only 13 episodes, but it seems really cool so far. Except for that weird sex massage scene. That wasn’t great.

Clockwork Planet: The art looked kinda cool, but the plot description wasn’t promising. I didn’t even make it 10 minutes in before there’s a long finger-blowjob scene to “register is bio imprint” or whatever with the robot girl. Noped right out of there.

Grimoire of Zero: I don’t have much to say about this one, other than that I’m enjoying it. Hasn’t gotten gross with the young girl character, which unfortunately is surprising. It’s competing with WorldEnd for the title of “best new show” (although it looks like they’re the only good ones).


I also gave Akashic two episodes for some reason (I guess the title?) and holy shit is it gross light novel garbage.

I’ve also given some time to Granblue Fantasy, which is passable generic fantasy anime. It’s based on a mobile gatcha game, so I’m kinda expecting one of those Magic the Gathering novels but in anime form.



Sorry for double post, but I’m still making my way through Eccentric Family Season 1, it’s fantastic.


That’s an odd way to spell Uraraka.


That’s an odd way to spell All Might.

The first episode of Kemono Friends is surprisingly more enjoyable when arguably better animation is applied to it.

Also, This is a thing and I don’t want it to stop being a thing.


[quote=“Ikatono, post:75, topic:90”]
I don’t really care about any of the characters, but I guess that’s my own fault.
[/quote]I watched all of AoT’s first season, and I also don’t care about any of the characters. Soo…