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Erased is a good thriller and very worth the watch.


Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju is really good. You might know that there is second season for it running right now, so if you watch the first one and like it, you also get something good to watch in this season. Seriously, Rakugo was one of my top shows of 2016, maybe even the best, I’m not sure, I hate putting things in absolute order.


So I’ve finally really sat down and started watching Revolutionary Girl Utena. I’m 18 episodes in and really enjoying the show, I’m also trying not to look at the GN Presents Utena videos but I’ll probably check them out once I’m done with the series.


We were very careful with that show in that we only talk about things that could be known up to that point in the show.


That’s good to know then I’ll probably check it out now that I know that.


The only spoilers are where we point something out that could be figured out from the knowledge gained up to that point in the show, but only if you didn’t figure it out yourself.

We’ll hint at some broader themes, but never specifics.


So I finished Utena over the weekend and decided I needed to watch it again but I wanted to wait a bit before doing so.

I also started and finished all three seasons of Haikyuu!! which I really enjoyed more so than Eyeshield 21.


I finished Utena a few months ago and, yeah I definitely have to watch it again as there’s a lot in there that I definitely missed. The Scrym episode by episode analysis is excellent however it stops at like… episdoe 12 or 14 ish.

Since I started playing volleyball with my coworkers Haikyuu!! has been a delightful pre/post-volleyball watch. It’s really cool feeling myself improve at the game with increased play time as the characters improve in the show, though none of my games this dramatic.


Finished watching Yuri!! on Ice. Now watching “Interviews with Monster Girls” which is so genuinely innocent I can’t help but love it. Every demi character has legit insecurities about themselves stemming from their nature and I identify immensely with the main character. He and I both have very similar habits and trains of thought. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that we look similar too, though his arms are more muscular than mine (I make it up with legs, though).


Is this the right place to start watching JoJo?


Though every part of Jojo’s is somewhat self contained so one could start at any part. The first part is not the greatest, but it also isn’t very long, so I see no reason to go around skipping it.


Yeah, the first arc (Phantom Blood) is definitely the weakest of the lot. You should still start there, but if you find you don’t like it you can just skip ahead to Episode 10 which is where Battle Tendency begins.


Dragon Maid continues to deliver my only expectation.


@gomidog and I watched the first episode of Dragon Maid.

It’s… kind of our jam. It’s cute, it’s weird, and it delivers exactly what it says it is.


Just watched all of Dragon Maid that is out so far. It is a weird show, goes from total goofball silliness to touching and back again in the span of a few minutes. Really fun!


[quote=“Starfox, post:50, topic:90”]
[/quote]Ok, this is fun, but is this going to be the rest of the series?

Bad guy: Now I’ve beaten you!

JoJo (for all values of Jo): Ha! You thought you had beaten me because X, but I’ve actually beaten you because Y!

REO Speedwagon: Ohh! He planned to use Y all along! Now he’s using Y to win!




Pretty much, except [details=Spoilers if you don’t care]Speedwagon dies and, sadly, Roundabout disappears[/details]
It’s about the escalation. The X’s and Y’s get so much more ridiculous that it’s entertaining just for that.


Kinda, but I’m just all about the guy who’s power is rainbows that turn you into a slug because of subliminal messages.


Dude already died, and un-died. And Jo died, and effectively un-died. I assume there’s more Jo’s where that came from.

Think I might read the wiki page.


Season 1 is Not Fist of the North Star.
Season 2 is the start of campy goodness.
Season 3 is best left to the OVAs.
Season 4 is Araki fully embracing Purple Rain.