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The crew of the Bebop didn’t have enough money to go to casinos. They were bottom-tier barely-surviving bounty hunters.

They don’t go to the casino until episode three, and it’s portrayed as a BIG DEAL that they have the time and money to go at all. Jet is dressed up and excited. They weren’t there for a heist: it was the first leisure time they’d had in a while.

Starting with a Casino instead of with the crushing isolation of poverty, crime, and bounty hunting on the fringes of society was a Choice. Starting with a high energy environment instead of a long, slow, lonely slog just to afford beef was a Choice.

Imagine how different Disco Elysium would have felt if it didn’t do the things described in this video from the very beginning.

Everything about the crew of the Bebop is framed in poverty and resigned desperation. They can’t even get angry about how poor and desperate they are. They’re resigned to it. It sets the tone for everything. They aren’t looking for adventures. They wouldn’t be doing any of this if they didn’t have to. It’s not a quest. It’s not a journey. It’s not fun.




Watch them all here.

The internet: “Death Note is a classic anime”.



April 9th Season 2 boi!!!

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The trailer for Netflix’s live-action One Piece is out.


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As a HUGE fan of Kids on the Slope, one of my favorite anime series of all time, I am pumped for this:

not only does he not feel like retiring anymore, he’s actively coming into work to create yet another film

“Retirement was a mistake.”

We all know he just wants to die mid-film so that there will be some mysterious unfinished work. He’s as surprised as we are that he survived the past few.

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