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Is Gkids known for doing significantly bad/good dubs?

I don’t watch the dubs, so I don’t know.

Better than average is what I’d say for their dubs. They’re not quite Disney’s level with Ghibli films but are at least better than typical anime dubs.


Man, a new Masaaki Yuasa series. I’m so excited for this one as Tatami Galaxy is among my top ten anime.


First episode is out on Crunchyroll. It’s good.

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I saw it! It’s such a fun breath of fresh air. Yuasa’s style of free-form animation meshes beautifully with the story about imagination. The shift to the sketch style was beautiful, and the distinctiveness of the three main characters makes them able to shift the style as much as they can. I’m so pumped I can’t wait to keep watching.

Also the opener totally slaps, found the band on Spotify and they’ve been my jam.

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this show looks awesome. A cartoon inspired by Bosch and Varo? Hell yes!

Also, Dana Terrace is Alex Hirsch’s girlfriend, so there’s going to be some Gravity Falls influence.

1st episode is already up

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Ever since I saw this character I can’t stop thinking of Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo. They even have the same eyes.


she kind of sounds like the english voice actress of Ryoko a bit too.

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Trailer just dropped for Trigger’s newest anime BNA (sadly no official subs yet for the trailer). It’s oozing with that Yoshinari energy. Didn’t expect it to have humans, thought it would be like Beastars or Blacksad where it’s only animals.

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Crunchyroll is going to make its own shows.

Some of these projects sound pretty interesting.

I’m intrigued that Noblesse is getting an Anime adaptation. From what I remember about that comic, it basically followed the Arc of Bleach(started as a fun supernatural comedy/action comic, descended into indecipherable nonsense that didn’t know where it was going). Does anyone know why that was one of the two webcomics that got picked for an anime adaptation?

Another screening of Promare April 7th & 8th has been announced