Anime Central 2018

Anime Central is happening right now. Is anyone going? I’m getting a Saturday pass but I K IQ nothing about the con scene outside the east coast so I don’t know what to expect.

From what I know it’s a pretty big anime con. I don’t expect it to be different from other anime cons. If you don’t know anyone there, focus on enjoying the content provided by the con as much as possible.

They have Battletech pods. If I was close I’d probably go.

If they’re the same ones that they bring to MAGFest, they are always setup in baby mode. I’m only interested in playing in for serious mode.

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Have you heard of any place (or con) that sets them up that way? I’ve only heard about the place in Texas.

Nope. Help me become fabulously wealthy to the point where I can buy arcade machines.

It’s in the 6th biggest anime conventions

Anime Expo - 107,658 warm bodies (up 7.21%)
Anime Matsuri - 36270 warm bodies (up 20.04%)
A-Kon - 33,102 warm bodies, 25,289 paid attendees (up 11.08%)
Anime North - 32,167 warm bodies
Anime Weekend Atlanta - approximately 31,500 warm bodies, 29,872 paid attendees (up 3.79%)
Anime Central - 30,221 warm bodies (down 3.97%)
Anime Boston - 25,848 warm bodies (down 4.18%)
Sakura-Con - approximately 25,000 warm bodies (up 8.70%)
Otakon - 24,894 warm bodies, approximately 22,000 paid attendees (down 14.49%)
Youmacon - 22,142 paid attendees (up 5.26%)
Otakuthon - 22,065 warm bodies (up 3.52%)
Anime NYC - approximately 20,000 warm bodies (first year)

Also interesting that I’ve never even heard of Anime Matsuri Which apparently is in Texas and is the second biggest anime convention in the US?

I’ve heard of Anime Matsuri. I knew it was big, but didn’t know it was that big.

Otakon has fallen further than expected.