Actually Listenable Christmas Music

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I started a playlist of my Christmas picks on Spotify

Penalty - Offside - on Duchess Lizzie. One day loss. Christmas music is now permitted from December 2nd and onward.

Only Jesus can tell me when to sing Jesus songs, and he’s dead.

This isn’t about (jokingly) telling you what to do, it’s about confining Christmas to a bit of the year. Christmas is like gremlins. Fine if you treat it right but if you feed it after midnight (or Christmas before December) it grows and destroys the city.

Is that what you want? You want’ post apocalyptic year round xmas?

I want Christmas to expand through November. As soon as Halloween ends, Christmas should be fair game.

I posted them in the old forum enough times, but I gotta repost my top 5 here, just because.

#5. I’m the only one who likes this one by Brenda Lee. There’s just something about that little guitar riff that puts a spring in my step.

#4 John Lennon.

#3. I actually don’t know what Burl Ives looks like, and I refuse to look it up. With that voice I just imagine he looks like Santa Claus.

#2 Thank god its Freddie Mercury.

#1 If you want to get in the Christmas spirit, who better to help than an actual reverend? May I suggested REVEREND RUN?!?!?!

BONUS: The eternal staple.


As soon as Thanksgiving ends Christmas is fair game. That means that for about every 12 days of your life 1 of those days will be Christmasy. That’s fine. Extending down to Halloween means that one day of every week of your live will be Christmasy, and that is crossing a fucking line.


But how else will I vanquish Thanksgiving?

The same way we are vanquishing Columbus Day. Give it time.

I’m not willing to wait on Thanksgiving. Columbus Day is only offensive because of what people say. I find the actual practices of Thanksgiving painful and they need to end.

I mean, football is already on its way out. If you don’t like eating delicious food with friends and family, I can’t help you.

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No Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Tsk tsk tsk.

Edit: I don’t read things before I respond, and I feel shame for this.

TSO was his bonus.

It’s right there!

No one in my family likes Thanksgiving. If we didn’t live so close to my mom’s parents we’d skip it all together.

Go to someone else’s Thanksgiving.

I can’t I still live with my parents. We host Thanksgiving. It’d make things with my grandparents really difficult.

I don’t really like much Christmas music but Sia’s Christmas album is pretty solid.

Invite more people.

This isn’t a solution to your problem, just hopefully a mind opening statement.

Back at RIT, one year I couldn’t make it home for thanksgiving break so I just stayed on a snowy empty campus and thought I was gonna just piss the time away with the handful of people I knew who were also staying.

I turned out to be wrong. There were more than a few people who were not welcome back home (mostly lgbt folk) who just didn’t really have anywhere to go and so we found a common area and had our own little thanksgiving with about 10 of us, most of whom had never met. We didn’t really have access to a kitchen so everything we put on that table was store bought, microwaved garbage.

Know what? Possibly the best thanksgiving I’ve ever had. Resulted in me getting involved with RITGA, making a lifelong friend and just generally having a blast.

Do with this info what you will.