2020 Democratic Presidential Primaries

Plural of anecdote =/= data

Money? Biden’s better funded than most of the rest of them is my understanding.

Biden is a known quantity. He was VP for Obama for 8 years. People know him.

I am generalizing here, but outside of young people, most POC don’t think Bernie can win the general election, so they’re not going to support him even if he may be better for them than Biden.

At the end of the day, POC want to win the general election. They’re going to vote for the candidate that they think can beat Trump.


There’s a MASSIVE leap in logic there, but I think everyone here knows that. Thanks for bringing in someone who has insight beyond speculation.


Related, have any of the candidates weighed in on restoring the Voting Rights Act? I’m of the mind that that’s the first step to bringing power to voters of color.

Sanders is on record as wanting to increase voter participation, to include possibly allowing convicted felons to vote, but hasn’t specifically addressed the Voting Rights Act.

Warren, like most things, has a plan for that…

" The plan calls for passing the Voting Rights Advancement Act and the Native American Voting Rights Act, which try to ban racially discriminatory practices in the voting booth — after the Supreme Court struck down key parts of the original Voting Rights Act. (Warren’s plan comes exactly six years after the Supreme Court’s decision.)"


Concerning the political beliefs of POC, this is a good read:

" Only 1 percent of black respondents in the poll described themselves as Republicans, compared with 59 percent who said they are Democrats. But 59 percent is much less than the overwhelming share of black Americans who vote for Democrats. Many blacks, like Americans overall, largely vote for one party but are not particularly aligned with it: 16 percent of blacks described themselves as independents, while 21 percent answered “none of these.”

Polling done by the Pew Research Center has suggested that among self-identified Democrats, blacks and Latinos are less likely to describe themselves as liberal than whites. Data from this AP/NORC poll comports with Pew’s findings: The majority of blacks say they are moderate (44 percent) or conservative (27 percent), while just 26 percent said that they are liberal."


ACAB[](This is a complete sentence)

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What concerns me about Biden at this point is the potential optics of trying to address the wholesale corruption of Trump administration. It would be very easy to paint legitimate prosecution as direct retaliation for Hunter. I’m also certain this was someone’s (very stupid) plan specifically because Biden looked to be the front runner.

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So… Uhh. What the fuck?

Ty @Rochelle for posting this publicly where I saw it.


Wow fuck that guy.

Is there another news source confirming he’s part of the campaign and actually working apart from the alt-right publication Free Beacon (which appears to be the original source as far as I can tell)?

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None that I can find, other than another awful place called bluepillsheep. That said a new advisor on a campaign isn’t exactly mainstream news so it may not get reported somewhere big.

That said for now I’m gonna wait and see.

Also, campaign aide is a really nebulous term since there are local vs. national offices etc. Regardless he should get fucking fired immediately for being a piece of shit

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I mean he’s not wrong :-p

I think what he’s saying is something like the Late Arlene Specter did when he was running for relection in 2010 and had a primary challenge from a far right person. He sent a letter in 2009 that pretty much was like "Hey I know you didn’t like bush, but if we want the Republican party to not get controlled by cray cray people, you need to reregister in the republican party so you can vote in the primary and save my bacon in the primary. Ultimately he ended up switching parties. but the idea was still there. We need a functioning two party system so that we don’t end up with a collection of CRAZY republicans even more radical then we had. that’s sorta already happened but it’s not good for the long term health of the country. Not sure why Biden is bringing this up in the primary though.

Correct, the parties should be Democrats and Labor party


Looks like he was. Which, ya know, correct. That said, he was, in fact, hired; those crappy sources (which I found out were both using the PoS’s own statement on his twitter) were correct he was vetted and very briefly hired by the campaign.