2020 Democratic Presidential Primaries

Anyways, I’m sure the 12 people who would have qualified for Harris’ student loan forgiveness plan are sad to see her go.

I hope whoever is funding Tulsi Gabbard as a spoiler for the Democrats goes bankrupt. This “Literally buy the nomination for the Presidency”-bullshit has got to go.

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I’m thinking a lot about Bernie and race today. On the one hand, he seems to fall into the Debsian trap of “racism will disappear when we end class conflict,” on the other he’s gotten endorsements from prominent politicians of color like AOC and Ilhan Omar (and Pressley probably would’ve endorsed him if Warren wasn’t running). I know a lot of older POC who are concerned about him on these issues, but all my Millennial/Gen Z friends of color are super on board with him. I’d love Forumites of Color to weigh in on this, but I realize you’re kinda few and far between these days.

The real question is, from my perspective it seems obvious that more leftist candidates will serve the interests of POC the most. However, when you look at the numbers, POC, especially blacks, have huge support for old white man Biden.

I really really want to know why, because it does not make much sense.

Rym believes that although they would never vote Republican, POC are actually quite conservative. He painted the Biden supporter as a POC who is not racist, but is quite homophobic.

I don’t really buy that, but I do want to solve this issue. It’s probably the number one nut to crack to get some more unity on the left.

My theory is Biden seems (again, seems) electable. They’re concerned about winning. My dad’s theory is black people like power and Biden has a lot of clout.

Biden’s campaign has also put a lot of ground game into areas with large PoC populations. This is exactly what Harris was responding to in the last debate - that PoC want a candidate who actually shows up for them.

White leftists will talk a big game about supporting PoC, but when push comes to shove they have a reputation for not being there. Literally showing up is a powerful message to those voters who might otherwise think you’re just another white dude with empty promises of progress who takes measures that harm your community - like, say, Mayor Pete bulldozing housing in poor communities of color in South Bend.


From everything I’ve read, the reason why Black people and other POC are overwhelmingly supporting Biden is a combination of both your theories.

First you have to realize that POC may be Democrats, but that doesn’t make them Liberal. There is just as much ideological difference among POC as the rest of the population. You have some conservative (little C) POC, you have some moderate POC, and you have some liberal and left POC. The difference is that unlike white people, the issue of race and civil rights overrides everything else. As a result, you have conservative POC voting Democratic because on the issues of race and civil rights, the Democratic Party is 1000x better than the Republicans. These people may be against abortion, they may be against gay marriage, but the issues of race and civil rights beats everything else.

Additionally, because black people and POC have been screwed so much politically, they’re very strategic and pragmatic about who they vote for. In the 2008 race, initially black people and POC supported Hillary. It wasn’t until Obama started winning some primaries and started to look like a legit candidate that he started getting support and endorsements from POC.

In the run-up to 2020, Biden is the strategic choice and is most “electable” (if you buy that argument). Black people and POC are supporting him not only because of what @thewhaleshark just wrote but because the general consensus is that in order for Democrats to win in 2020, they need White Rust Belt State voters, and the candidate who appeals most to them is Biden.

I understand this but Biden gave the eulogy at Strom Thurmond’s funeral so he may be the WORST on Civil Rights of the leading candidates.


He’s a Democrat. Any Democrat is better than any Republican when it comes to civil rights.

Yes, but within the Primary the only non-Democrat is Sanders.

I don’t know about the show up argument. Bernie had his big deal event a short walk from my apartment in Queensbridge Park, right next to the largest public housing development in the western hemisphere. Most of the local reporting after the event was about a few angry people who were mad and didn’t know the event was happening in advance.

But like, what does showing up even mean? What specifically is Biden doing that counts as showing up that Bernie, Warren, and others are not doing? Also, they aren’t stupid. If failing to “show up” is what is losing them votes, why aren’t they doing it starting yesterday?

I asked a PoC friend of mine who’s into Biden. FWIW he’s not super like, into politics. But his basic reasoning comes down to two things. One, he pretty firmly believes if Biden’d run in 2016, we’d not be having this crisis so he sees this as an opportunity to right a wrong.

Also he used the phrase “if only this country had a Will McAvoy”. So a bit to read into there. That’s the mainest character in The Newsroom, which for those who don’t know is a very Liberal Aaron Sorkin tv show.

It’s roughly where my politics were in college. Honestly if I still viewed the world the way I did in college. I’d probably also be very pro Biden.


Plural of anecdote =/= data

Money? Biden’s better funded than most of the rest of them is my understanding.

Biden is a known quantity. He was VP for Obama for 8 years. People know him.

I am generalizing here, but outside of young people, most POC don’t think Bernie can win the general election, so they’re not going to support him even if he may be better for them than Biden.

At the end of the day, POC want to win the general election. They’re going to vote for the candidate that they think can beat Trump.


There’s a MASSIVE leap in logic there, but I think everyone here knows that. Thanks for bringing in someone who has insight beyond speculation.


Related, have any of the candidates weighed in on restoring the Voting Rights Act? I’m of the mind that that’s the first step to bringing power to voters of color.

Sanders is on record as wanting to increase voter participation, to include possibly allowing convicted felons to vote, but hasn’t specifically addressed the Voting Rights Act.

Warren, like most things, has a plan for that…

" The plan calls for passing the Voting Rights Advancement Act and the Native American Voting Rights Act, which try to ban racially discriminatory practices in the voting booth — after the Supreme Court struck down key parts of the original Voting Rights Act. (Warren’s plan comes exactly six years after the Supreme Court’s decision.)"


Concerning the political beliefs of POC, this is a good read:

" Only 1 percent of black respondents in the poll described themselves as Republicans, compared with 59 percent who said they are Democrats. But 59 percent is much less than the overwhelming share of black Americans who vote for Democrats. Many blacks, like Americans overall, largely vote for one party but are not particularly aligned with it: 16 percent of blacks described themselves as independents, while 21 percent answered “none of these.”

Polling done by the Pew Research Center has suggested that among self-identified Democrats, blacks and Latinos are less likely to describe themselves as liberal than whites. Data from this AP/NORC poll comports with Pew’s findings: The majority of blacks say they are moderate (44 percent) or conservative (27 percent), while just 26 percent said that they are liberal."


ACAB[](This is a complete sentence)

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