2019-2020 Coronavirus

Hopefully this does not develop into a SARS or MERS level infection spread.

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With everything else that’s going on in 2020, the last thing we need is some kind of pandemic.


With everything else that’s going on in 2020, the last thing we need is some kind of pandemic.


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I don’t know anyone who votes for the Coronoavirus party but they keep getting back in!


Here’s my bad board game joke about the situtation:

Where was this man? He could’ve stopped the spread of the virus.

What I read is that the snake thing was a rumor, and that bats were more likely.

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It’s always fucking bats.

Don’t fuck with Egyptian fruit bats in particular, they’re the natural reservoir for the Marburg virus (think ebola)

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Maybe it’s vampire snakes.

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The virus has spread to Europe.

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I am really annoyed at the current Japanese govt handling of the evacuees coming in from Wuhan.
From: https://asia.nikkei.com/Spotlight/Coronavirus-outbreak/Sick-Japanese-flown-out-of-Wuhan-test-negative-for-coronavirus

The other evacuees, who are not showing symptoms, will also receive checkups at a national hospital in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district. They have been asked to quarantine themselves for about two weeks to make sure they are not infected.
Those without symptoms were to be driven home in a government-chartered bus if they live in the Tokyo area. Evacuees residing outside the capital area were to be temporarily housed in government-designated hotel accommodations.

Why is the quarantine elective?




Overwatch League canceled matches in China.

Also, the potential for the virus to move over to Japan could have Olympic consequences if it’s not defeated.

Pandemic confirmed.

The Olympics haven’t been cancelled since World War II.

I’m told by a friend in Seattle that some people are pushing them to cancel PAX and ECCC, too.

Fired, along with the rest of the characters. Imagine playing the game with no special powers, and now China just overrun cascaded.